Minecraft Xbox One/PS4: Top 5 Amazing Seeds 2017! [HD]

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1. Seed: frenzied15
World Options:
World Size Classic
Find Balanced Seed Un-Ticked
Large Biome Scale
Woodland Mansion 1: X361 Y98 Z210
Woodland Mansion 2: X221 Y104 Z-121
Village 1: X366 Y76 Z120
Village 2: X-245 Y78 Z-392
Village 3: X-208 Y80 Z-206 w Blacksmith
Desert Temple 1: X-222 Y77 Z-414
Desert Temple 2: X-190 Y78 Z-223
Ocean Monument 1: X88 Y68 Z-329
Stronghold Skelton Spawner: X-175 Y24 Z34

Post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-xbox-one-edition/mcxone-discussion/mcxone-seeds/2835748-minecraft-xbox-one-tu54-tu55-seed-2-woodland

2. Seed -5932184224810181111 Map Size: Large
15 Villages (9 with Blacksmiths & one with abandoned mineshaft underneath)
Village at Spawn w/Blacksmith
X:-252 Y:75 Z:148
2nd Village w/Blacksmith
X:-203 Y:65 Z:-434
3rd Village w/Library & Above Abandoned Mineshaft
X:590 Y:70 Z:278

2nd Abandoned Mineshaft
X:1535 Y:27 Z:457
3rd Abandoned Mineshaft
X:2478 Y:42 Z:-1000

Jungle Temple
X:1830 Y:79 Z:1341
End Portal
X:916 Y:42 Z:566

Ocean Monument
X:87 Y:62 Z:250
2nd Ocean Monument
X:-2281 Y:62 Z:-890

Desert Temple Near Spawn
X:-411 Y:65 Z:42
2nd Desert Temple
X:-763 Y:65 Z:-2358

Post: (Lots more here) http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-xbox-one-edition/mcxone-discussion/mcxone-seeds/2746593-ultimate-survival-seed-15-villages-village-with

3. Seed: 23998886688
Classic Size always.
Ocean Monument 1: X166 Y68 Z314
Ocean Monument 2: X246 Y68 Z201
Ocean Monument 3: X342 Y64 Z-201
Ocean Monument 4: X104 Y68 Z-201
Ocean Monument 5: X-166 Y68 Z-149
Ocean Monument 6: X-121 Y68 Z38
End Portal: X-251 Y32 Z28

Post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-xbox-one-edition/mcxone-discussion/mcxone-seeds/2833678-minecraft-xbox-one-ps4-tu53-best-survival-island

4. Seed: -5751198015491038470
World Options:
World Size Classic
Find Balanced Seed Un-Ticked
Large Biome Scale
Village 1: X10 Y80 Z286
Village 2: X-224 Y86 Z73 w Blacksmith
Village 3: X90 Y79 Z-378
Village 4: X48 Y85 Z1
Village 5: X364 Y83 Z74
Village 6: X246 Y87 Z256
Desert Temple 1: X114 Y77 Z322
Desert Temple 2: X-190 Y78 Z-254
Desert Temple 3: X98 Y79 Z-174
Desert Temple 4: X274 Y80 Z-206
Desert Temple 5: X354 Y81 Z98
Desert Temple 6: X354 Y82 Z274
Zombie Surface Spawner : X168 Y75 Z96
Spider Surface Spawner : X223 Y79 Z217
End Portal: X-33 Y46 Z121

Post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-xbox-one-edition/mcxone-discussion/mcxone-seeds/2835397-minecraft-xbox-one-tu54-6-villages-6-desert

5. Seed: -4817872494774699668
Classic Size always.
Small Biome Scale.
Mansion 1: X-162 Y97 Z-132
Desert Temple 1: X-190 Y77 Z354

Post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-xbox-one-edition/mcxone-discussion/mcxone-seeds/2834272-minecraft-xbox-one-ps4-tu54-woodland-mansion-at
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